Tuesday, September 15, 2015


It's been a while i am not dropping by here to share things of myself.
After growing year by year, i found that i start to feel lazy to interact with people especially those hi-bye friend. Oh My God !!! I became Anti-Social Monster !!!! #.#

Well, This is just a very random post in 2015.

I'm back late from work today, rushing a messy & complicated account.
I love challenges, because i believe challenges grow me to be a better & stronger person !!!!

September ....... is a HAZE month !!!!
Everywhere is blur !!! Even i can smell a super strong burning smell in my office little toilet !!!! Gossshhhh @.@

Besides, September...... is also Company Trip month !!!!
I had just back from Bangkok 4D3N trip. Well, the apartment we stayed was very comfortable and well manage - Marriott Vacation Club at The Empire Place !!! Thanks for the boss for giving such a good trip to us where we only need to self pay for few meals during the trips

Places we had visited: Madam Tusaads, Siam Square for Thai body massage, Platinum for shopping, dinner at Chao Phraya river cruise, lunch at Renaissance Hotel, Huskey Cafe, Hello Kitty cafe, Asiatique, Chocolate Ville !!!

Not really get to eat the local authentic Thai food, tomyam soup that i tried 3 times during the trip, none of them able to reach the standard !!!!! quite DISAPPOINTED man !!! >.<

Although this is not a fruitful shopping & food hunt trip but still, i did enjoy the trip at least i explored something new in BKK.
I will be back for another time for sure. See ya. :)

The next day after back from Bangkok, i had fly back to Penang for my 3D2N home-sweet-home trip !!!!! Been working in Singapore for 1 year and 4 months. I always miss my home, my dad, my aunt, my sissss, my friends, food in Penang...... everything !!!! i LOVE all of them from bottom of my heart !!! Please take good care of yourself my love and myself as well.

Been feeling complicated for a lots of things recently !!!! Emotion Crisis >.<
I think i had think too much and being too greedy and too demanding to ask for more !!!!
I had forgotten a sentence that i gave to myself 4 to 5 years ago !!!!
"High expectation, high disappointment"
It is similar to the finance perspective, "High risk, high return"
Always have a closed positive relationship between each other !!!
I have to start remind myself about this and not to over expect from this second onward !!! I do not want to feel the bitter and pain experienced years ago !!! It's not taste good at all... i do not want to torture myself again !!!
Maybe, i should focus more on my career and personal development !!!!!
Or maybe KEEP FIT !!!! @.@ i hate this.. i had set target for years but i never fulfill it !!!!!
I need to improve my self-discipline from NOW !!!!!

Don't have expectation from others
Don't be lazy
Don't take things for granted
Do the best from my part for anything
Be happy
Be cheerful
Be positive
Be helpful

Reminder for myself !!!!
I want to be a better person !!!!!

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